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Gender Disparity/Discrimination Paragraph


Gender Disparity/Discrimination

Gender disparity means gender discrimination or difference between male and female in the field of observing rights as a human being. In the developed countries there is no gender disparity. But in our country this disparity is severe. It pervades both rural and urban communities. It is especially seen in the rural areas too much. Many girl students are deprived of getting educated both in towns and villages. Only boys are allowed to go to school, college and university and most of the conservative families do so. In many families of Bangladesh especially of the villages, boys and girls are not treated equally. Many parents love their sons more and always give them more facilities than their daughters. They usually think that educating a daughter is nothing but waste of time and money. After class seven or eight they think that they should marry their daughters off. Even many of the modern and educated families of our country do not think of higher education for their daughters or sisters. They do not allow their daughters, sisters and wives to do a job outside the home. They are kept busy with maintaining different household chores and bringing up children. But on the other hand, boys or male members of the family are allowed to go to school, college and complete higher education and do any job anywhere outside the home. However, both males and females should be considered equal, should be given equal right sand facilities and should be exploited equally so that women can play a vital role in the development of the country like men. We have to make them aware that women can do the same thing men can do. After all, government should take effective measures to diminish gender disparity for the development of the country. So if we want our own betterment, we, both males and females, have to work together.