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A Moonlit Night - Paragraph writing


A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night really comes to us as a dream of enchanting beauty and eternal source of joy that stimulate our mind spontaneously. It offers a very charming view. If anybody enthusiastically wants to enjoy a moonlit night, he will see that it is just a thing of beauty and joy that he has never enjoyed. In the daylight some scenes are beautiful and others may not be so, but the same scene in the soft light of the moon looks beautiful as a poet's dream of fairyland. As forests, houses, rivers and buildings all such man-made or natural objects are beautiful by day, all these things are more beautiful at moonlit night. The scenic beauty of a river or an ocean in a moonlit night can better be enjoyed than described. It has a magical power of transporting us to a land of beauty and imagination and arouse in us a sense feeling to sing in tune with the poet. With the fragrance of different flowers, the moonlight can overwhelm the poets' mind even the mind of the general. When the moon winks in the sky and gradually spreads her soft and alluring light, we cannot but lose ourselves in the tide of mind's stimulation. Poets write their poems with the enthusiasm of atmospheric setting and lovers and couples gossip forgetting their time-pass. Patients and fragile people can get new life in the new atmosphere of the moonlit night. So a moonlit night is indeed a great blessing for all of us.