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Terrorism / Anarchy / Violence Paragraph



Terrorism or anarchy or violence is a fatal disease in society. It means the supreme reign of lawlessness for the inability of government to control. During a period of terrorism, lawlessness is seen to reign supreme. It demolishes tranquility and peace in normal life. For the disturbance of peace, our civilized life falls into a great threat and our life becomes of the beck and call of terrorists. This ill condition of society urges others to extend the brutal passions of mind. It destroys the standard of social norms and behavior which encourage the finer shades of feeling. On the other hand, in the absence of the law-and-order situation, man is compelled to become cruel, brutal, greedy, selfish and more concerned with personal than general welfare. In a state of anarchy, terrorism gets the upper hand. The law enforcing agencies also become passive. College and university students are being engaged in violence throwing their main duty of study to dust. Even the teachers are growing unconcerned about the welfare of the students. The basic principles of democracy for which they are shouting are going to be slaughtered at their hands. Everyone gets interested to take law in his own hand and most of us become passive spectators. Killing, looting, hijacking, kidnapping, teasing, threatening and other anti-social activities become the order of the day. Everywhere prevails a state of restlessness. Rules and regulations of every sector become polluted which bar all development works. So if we want to develop and survive peacefully in the society, we have to endeavor all together to stop terrorism and eradicate its root source.