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Satellite TV Channels - Paragraph writing

Satellite TV Channels

Satellite TV is one of the greatest achievements of modern science. Now it is regarded as the medium of information, entertainment, telecast, education and many others. It can telecast any live programme from the remotest part of the world. Satellite TV can display many programmes at a time. With the help of satellite, world has turned into a global village. Now we can watch Australian, British or American TV programmes sitting before our own TV set. Satellite TV has added a new dimension in our oriented life providing many programmes through different channels. It's not only a good medium of recreation but alsoa source of educational knowledge. Different channels telecast various educative dramas,movies, sports, cultural functions, news and articles. So we can easily collect educative information of agriculture, science and technology, politics, education, business, invention etc. Satellite TV helps us widespread the sight and outlook of the society. Coming in contact with the western societies, we are getting the opportunities to enrich our society and art ourselves. But on the other hand, many people especially young generations are getting to hampered and we all are now forgetting our own customs, traditions, music and culture.Very often obscene pictures and vulgar movies and programmes are shown in various satellite channels. Young generations are becoming more and more addicted to them. This mentality is leading our young generations to moral degradation. So we all should be conscious of that.