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Google is opening Dot New Domain

Google is opening Dot New Domain

From now on you can register a .new (.new) domain. Google will open the domain for registration on December 2. It will run securely on HTTPS. Last year, Google began using dot new domains for their products. This time they are making it open to everyone.

Last Tuesday, Google opened 3 dot new domains in their Jesuit app. These include Docs.New, Slides.New, Sheets.New, Sites.New. Spotify has launched a site called Playlist.New where users can quickly create playlists of their choice. Medium has added Story.New, eBay has launched a domain called Cell.New for sellers.

Google says Dot New can be used to quickly take action. In the case of people completing online quickly, the use of Dot New shortcuts can be seen. Dot New, like Dot App, Dot Page, Dot Dave, will be safe, as it will be implemented in HTTPS protocol.

From January 1, 2021, trademark holders will be able to use the dot New domain for their products. From December 2, anyone can apply for this domain through the limited registration process.

There are currently more than 100 million domains on the Internet, of which dot com and dot net are at the top.