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The young womans brain surgery was shown directly on Facebook Live

The young woman's brain surgery was shown directly on Facebook

The surgery for the young woman's brain was shown live on Facebook. The incident happened recently at a Texas hospital in the United States. The woman was knowledgeable at the time of the surgery and she also talked to the doctors.

According to a report by AFP, the scene of the brain surgery of the young woman was streamed live on Facebook last Tuesday. The woman's name is Jenna Shut. A 5-minute video of the 20-year-old's brain surgery was shown live on Facebook. The live streaming audience was about one million.

Nimesh Patel, head of the neuroscience department at Dallas Medical Center, said Jenna had a stroke. It was damaging his ability to speak. The young woman was alert when she opened her head in surgery. Doctors were talking to him to make sure that the parts of his brain that controlled his speech were being destroyed. They asked the young woman to say some words like birds, dogs or numbers. In addition to questioning whether the young woman was missing in surgery, questions were asked about her pet dog.

Brain surgery is nothing new, keeping patients awake. For decades such surgeries have been underway in developed countries. In this way, surgery is done to understand whether the patients have the necessary brain function. However, such surgery is performed only if the patient agrees.

Jenna Shatt is studying Occupational Therapy in Illinois. He is expected to be released from the hospital soon.

Nimesh Patel says Jenna himself wanted a live broadcast of his surgery. He thought the audience could learn a lot from this. The surgery was performed live from the hospital's official account.