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Research reports say that the brain remain better by drinking tea everyday

The brain is better at drinking tea every day: research report

Tea is very popular with almost all of us. Since ancient times, tea has been one of the best drinks to relieve our fatigue. We are not the first to choose tea to relieve stress or fatigue or to relieve sleep. Many countries have achieved many successes by producing this tea as well as many countries have been successful in researching tea. Similarly, researchers have come up with a new kind of research.
প্রতিদিন চা পানে মস্তিষ্ক ভালো থাকে গবেষণা রিপোর্ট
They claim that those who refrain from drinking tea every day have a better brain than those who drink tea daily. They also say that the brain of tea drinkers every day is structurally better and more efficient.

A report on this research was also published in the Aging Journal. The report addresses several aspects of this study. The report also describes the research process.

Studies show that some people are divided into 2 groups. There was one section of people who drink tea every day and the other was in those who do not drink tea daily. They are asked various questions about tea. Different tea spells are asked. Everyone who participated in the study was more than 5 years old and all were questioned about their health and lifestyle. Listening to participants' responses to the study, researchers observed a significant difference between tea drinkers and those who did not drink tea.

They find that people who drink tea daily are comparatively less tired, can do more work, the brain is more active, and the body is more nimble than others. However, the brain of tea drinkers is more active every day and is capable of taking any kind of stress. Brain capacity also increases.

However, experts say that drinking tea daily is good for health but it should be kept at a moderate level.