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China imposes curfew on childrens online gaming

China imposes curfew on children's online gaming

China's curfew on online gaming for children has been announced by the country's government. News in the UK Media BBC.
Online game play will be banned for gamers younger than 5 years from 10 pm to 8 am.
Besides, they will not be able to gamble for three hours on weekends and holidays and 90 minutes on other days.
This is one of the last steps the government has taken to eliminate Chinese children's video game addiction.

According to Chinese government officials, the world's second largest gaming market, online gaming is quite harmful to children's health. Instructions for the country's government officials, released Tuesday, also included the issue of children's online gaming.
Gamer 8 to 16 years old can spend up to $29 a month and ages 16 to 18  can spend up to $58.

According to Research Firm News, the United States is the first in the gaming market this year to increase China's control of the industry.

Last year, the World Health Organization listed the first gaming addict as a mental condition called 'Gaming Disorder'.