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How Birth control was used in ancient times?

Birth control was used in ancient times

In the modern world, there are many methods of birth control. Some of these are short term and some are long term. But naturally the question arises how did people control birth in ancient times? Or was birth control out of control at that time? Nor did people control births at that time. Then know some of the methods of birth control in ancient times.
1. In ancient Egypt, women used honey to prevent pregnancy. The ancient Egyptians thought that if a honeycomb had passed, the sperm of a man would not enter the body of a woman.

2. In Greece, the birth control system was different. Their men used olive oil and cedar oil mixed together. They thought that the olive oil mixed with oil weakened the sperm. Which prevents women from getting pregnant.

3. You would be surprised to know that the birth control system was not legal in America even in the most advanced countries of the world until the early part of the 5th. At that time a product called Lysol was used in the market. It will burn a few parts inside the woman's body and ensure birth control safely. However, no matter how safe it is, many people are injured in using it. Even the death toll is five.

4. To prevent unwanted pregnancies in the Middle Ages, women had to leave the womb to urinate at the site of a wolf's urine before having sex. Nor would it have to come from the place of urine of a pregnant wolf.

5. In Greenland, the moon was thought to be the biggest contributor to women getting pregnant. And so they avoided the moon to avoid pregnancy.

6. In China, a mixture of mercury and oil was used to prevent pregnancy. This mixture was fed to women on an empty stomach. The Chinese accordingly, premature pregnancy could be avoided. But now everyone knows how harmful the mercury is to the bones and the body.