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Fifty years on the moons expedition

Fifty years on the moon's expedition

Fifty years ago, on July 7, an incredible event was born in the history of human civilization. For the first time on this day, the United States sent manned spacecraft to the moon. Apollo 1 crashed into a 'Saturn 3' rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. For the first time a few days after July 23, a person set foot on the moon.

On July 7, at 3am local time in the United States, three people finished their breakfast at 5am. Then, wearing a suit of clothing, he slowly entered the rocket, shaking his hand for everyone to come back.

People around the world watch this scene live on television. At 8am in the morning, the engine of a NASA 'Saturn 3' rocket loaded with 1 million pounds of fuel was launched. Then it flies to space. It took them 3 days to reach the moon.

After the orbit of the moon on July 28, two astronauts landed on the satellite. US astronaut Neil Armstrong took the first step. Then Aldrin came down. And Michael Collins was wandering around the moon at Columbia Navajo.

On their return, they returned in a bag containing 2.5 kilograms of moon soil and stone. NASA later found the bag missing. However, it was discovered in the 21st.

However, the campaign was not controversial. Many have expressed skepticism about the expedition and the moon. However, no matter how controversial the moon is, this year the world is celebrating 5 years of successful operation.

Attempts to launch the moon have not stopped yet. This is the first month of this year that a Chinese spacecraft has come to the moon. China also claimed the spacecraft landed at the farthest point of the moon.

The superpowers like to dominate the space. India is trying to Chandrajan-2. Chandrajan-2 of India tried to fly to the moon once this week. However, due to technical errors, it has been postponed. India will try again this month.