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Facebook starts Facebook Dating feature

Starts 'Facebook Dating'

Many people are interested in building relationships with each other online at busy times. Facebook wants to put the matter to work. The United States has launched a Facebook dating service or matchmaking function on Thursday.

Facebook said in a blog post that this feature called 'Facebook Dating' will enable users to create meaningful relationships. It will showcase the similarities and interests between two users.

Facebook competed directly with Match.com's sites.

Facebook authorities say that when creating a dating profile, it will be highlighted in such a way that the real person can be exposed.

Instagram dating users can associate their posts directly with Facebook dating profiles. In this he will show the secret 'Secret Crush' list of Instagram followers. In addition, Facebook and Instagram Stories can be added to it.

Facebook said the service would be sufficiently 'safe, real and picked'. This allows the user to block or complain against another account if desired. In addition, users cannot send pictures, links, money exchanges or video messages to each other. However, if you want to be able to tell the date and place of dating dating via Facebook Messenger.

For those above 5 years of age, there will be a chance to open a separate dating profile. For those who are involved with the service, Facebook will offer suggestions on how to connect with others.

If a person is interested in seeing someone's profile, they can click on the Like button or comment on the profile. If the choice does not match with one another, the user can send it to others.

On May 27, Facebook announced the dating service at the annual developer conference F-3.