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The goal of Huawei will not be met

The goal of Huawei will not be met

Huawei, the Chinese technology company, has set the goal of becoming the top smartphone manufacturer of the year this year. However, due to the US pressure, they have to retreat their goals. So Huawei will not be sitting in this year's top smartphone maker's place. A senior official of the company said on Tuesday that although it is aiming at the top of the fourth quarter of the year, it will take longer than now.

According to a Reuters report, Shaoyang, chief strategic officer of Huawei Consumer Business Group, said, "We wanted to be number one. But now the process will take an additional time. "However, he did not mention the details of the details.

On the occasion of CES Asia Technology show in Shanghai, Shao said that they are currently selling five to six million smartphones daily.

In May last year, the US government called 'Huawei' blacklisted. The United States is complaining that Huawei is threatening for their national security and Beijing has been telling the victims of their country's companies. After the Huawei was blacklisted, Huawei stopped the purchase of US technology equipment without government approval. Even though the order for some three months has been relaxed.

The impact of sanctions on Huawei already started in the world's technology sector. Several organizations have announced to withdraw business with Huawei.

In January, Huawei announced the top position in the smartphone market. They can be number one in the world after the US market. According to market research firm Gartner, Huawei took the place after Samsung's South Korean company Samsung in the first quarter of the year.

Market analysts say that Huawei's smartphones will be reduced by a fourth quarter due to US sanctions. Even the smartphone market may be removed from overseas markets.