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NASA goes to Mars in 2033

NASA goes to Mars in 2033

The first leg on the moon was Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin from 1969. After a long fifty years have passed. US President Donald Trump wants to restore the old moment. And the US Space Research Station NASA is preparing just like that.

On December 11, 2017, President Donald Trump signed a directive. The statement was such that people were sent back to the moon. And Mars will be the next destination.
According to NASA, if all is correct then astronauts will fly again in 2024 in the moonlight. And in Mars in 2033. However, experts say that by 2033, it is very difficult to reach Lalgarh. One must not do unthinkable scientists

"We have to prove our ability and ability to innovate in the new moon mission," said Jim Brideenstein, one of the leaders of NASA's recent conference. According to Robert Howard, one of Houston's Johnson Space Center's successes, the huge amount of thought is more expensive than science and technology. Besides, it may also fall in the face of political barriers. It is also a big question, how well the government is willing to do in this operation. He said, "Many people want to taste that 'appleo moment'. But for him Kennedy-like President-he would like. People will have to come together at once. "

"But it will be 2024, not 2027," said Howard. Explains the reason - the design of the spacecraft, the construction of the building, the various experiments, all of which remained. After reaching the moon, it will take three days. But at least six months to reach Mars. More than two years to finish the operation. Mars and earth are the closest thing in 26 months. The best time to travel to Mars A section of scientists, however, is more concerned about spending than other costs. NASA scientist Julie Robinson said, "The second thought is that the food There should be food arrangements for so many days. "And if one becomes ill, then know about the care of themselves, the primary treatment process. Astronauts' clothing is also an important thing. Want to protect from radioactive radiation. After all, the two-year-old people have been abandoned.