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Cricket Technology Details - Cricket ground technology

Cricket ground technology

Cricket World Cup frenzy is now home The Cricket World Cup is on the list of the most watched television broadcasters. The 2015 World Cup enjoys more than 200 million viewers in nearly 200 countries. However, there is a difference between playing field and home, as is the difference between the eyes and the technology. All the latest technologies are used to make important decisions in the game of cricket. Writes Shaon Khan Keywords: Some of the Most Notable Sophisticated Technologies Of This World Cup.

Decision Review System (DRS) is used to help the umpire decide. When the umpire forgets to make a decision or make a mistake, then it is seen again using the different technologies. The DRS will also be held in the World Cup.

Hot spot
Hot spot technology comes when the touch of bat-ball is not guaranteed through ultra-tech technology. The technology uses the heat sensitive infrared camera located in the field. It shows the first touch of the ball with a monochromatic view. Hot spot technology is often used with ultra-technology technology.

Bowlers in ball cricket have a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Hawk-Eye technology is used to hold the movement of the ball rolling in the eyeball. This technology created by Hawk-Eye Technology has noticed ball movements to identify LBW. Whether the ball could take a wicket through this technique, where the speed of the ball, the rotation and the pitch fell, containing all these things. It is also used to show a ball or six balls of over. The new version was also used to monitor the batsman's movements in the Hawk-Eye technology.

Nowadays, various tracking devices are used as personal and customized gears to monitor the behavior of the cricketers. Such devices are also used in Haway-Eye technology.

Many of those who watch cricket often see that a camera on the field is running all the time. This type of camera used in the film is called SpiderCam. The camera enables viewers to show the perfect and free view of the field. The camera can run on any edge of the field. Although the drone seems to be seen, the spidercam walks through four wires connected to four corners of the field.

Determining whether or not the wicketkeeper had touched the bat before being bowled, it becomes difficult for a lot of time. In such situations, if the umpire is uncertain about making the right decision, then it is used as an ultra-tech technology. It is basically the technology to hold the ball in the ball bat. The batsman has a special microphone behind, which can record very high distances for very low distances. Ultrage technology microphone, known as this snikometer, does not contain any sound except for batsmen's surroundings.