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New methods to catch thieves

New methods to catch thieves

Many people have a habit of going to the shop or the supermarket. To get rid of thieves, CC shops, cameras, scans and many other technologies have taken shelter in shops. However, the safety of the shop took a step forward in the US supermarket giant Walmart. They have used artificial intelligence image recognition cameras to identify the thieves in their shop. This information was given in a report by Reuters news agency.

Walmart's Super Shop is using the camera in such a way that it is possible to monitor what the customer is taking. The camera will keep track of if the customer put something in his shopping bag. It does not require cashier scans. The buyer will be able to pay the bill automatically.

Walmart, a business and technical site business insider, said the technology was being used in more than one thousand stores. They are seeing it as an investment to ensure the security of buyers and partners. Their project name 'Missed scan detection'. Their technology is provided by Irish company Everwin.

In this technology, the camera does not video the purchaser, but rather stores the goods in the store. If any item is scanned or stored in a bag without scanning and if you want to exit without the price, then the system will inform the shop staff.

Since the introduction of new technology, the claims of theft in Walmart's stores have decreased a lot.