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Selfie camera will be inside the display

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo claims to be a selfie expert. Now they are taking the cellhe technology to another level. Under the smartphone display, Chinese technology company Oppo has developed the cellphone camera technology. 

The company will officially announce the new technology in China soon, the company said. Oppo announced on an occasion to announce the new camera technology called 'MWC Shanghai'. The three-day event begins in China from 26th June.

China's Sparrowews report says that Opaque has started sending invitations to new camera technology. Written in the invitation, 'Even More Surface'. Earlier, Vice Vice-President Brian Shane displayed an unmanned smartphone through a video post, so that the front camera was hidden under the display. When the smartphone will be open at the time, it has not been revealed.

Earlier, Chinese technology maker Xiaomi and Honour had told to work with similar camera technology.

Xiaomi Senior Vice President Wang Shiang said they are working on custom display features. It has a small transparent space in the display, which is made of special low reflection glass. When the camera is turned on the camera, the display area of ​​the camera quickly becomes transparent and thereby the light can enter.

Analysts say the problem of the full screen display will be solved when the cellphone camera goes down the display. Do not put a separate space for the camera. If the camera is not open, the display will be normal and the entire contents of the display will be visible. Display camera lenses help to get more light. As a result, the cellphone will be more clean.

Oppo, however, did not provide details on how the camera technology will work under the display. The MWC Shanghai can provide details about the company.