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Who is the best CEO?

Who is the best CEO?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has lagged behind the list of top 100 CEOs glasdor last year. The employees of the organization gave the rating for the best CEO without disclosing the names. This year, Zuckerberg was ranked 16th in the ranking, but this year he has dropped to 55th position.

Glasdore has ranked 27 CEOs in the list of 100 CEOs in the list of technology companies. The information was provided by a Senate report on technical website.

It is said in the report that Zuckerberg is lagging behind the CEO of Google as the CEO of beautiful Pichayo as CEO. The beautiful Picha and Zuckerberg's ratings point 94, but the beautiful Pichai is at number 46. But Apple's chief executive Tim Cook said that Zuckerberg is lagging behind. His rating points 92 He is on the list 69. However, Tim Cook and Zuckerberg hold the top 100 list for seven years.

Between the CEOs of other technology organizations, Edon Shantanu Narayan and Microsoft have taken the fifth and sixth place in the true Nadella list. Their ratings point 98

In 2013, when Glasdor started CEO's ranking, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was the top among the US CEOs. At that time the rating was 99 percent.

The top ranking in this year's list is the software visualization company VMware Pat Glasgunger. His rating is 99 percent. Charles C Butt, CEO of eBay Supermarket chain, HB The third place is Linsie Snyder, CEO of Fast Food Chain In-N-Out Burgers.