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Saudi Arabia launches Night Club

Saudi Arabia launches 'Night Club'

Saudi Arabia is coming out slowly from its bottom. Saudi Arabia is going to launch the 'Night Club' after women are allowed to ride, play games and start movies. The announcement was made on behalf of the Saudi royal family on Wednesday. The night club will be launched in Jeddah town. But it will not be like this other night club. This will be the 'Halal Night Club'. All of the food here will be lawful.

Dubai and Beirut's famous brand Nightclub White is going to start operations in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. There will be luxurious cafes and lounges. The Halal Nightclub will be a waterfront, with the world's renowned music group's performance. Electronic Dance Music, Commercial Music, HipHop Music can be enjoyed at the Halal Night Club.

A part of the nightclub lounge will be a dance floor. This floor is open for both men and women. All types of White Suites are available here. But the drinks can not be found in this nightclub. Wine trading in Saudi is illegal. And if anyone buys alcohol, he has to be punished.

Meanwhile, many social media have criticized the initiative to launch the Saudi government's night club. There has been quite a fascinating discussion online. Many are kidding about it. Because the concept of Halal Night Club is the first. However, social media has become a popular hit hashtag Jeddah.

Source: India Times, Arab News