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Most disliked video on Youtube

Which video is most disliked on YouTube?

The videos on YouTube are not interested, but they came in the same way. Many give them disassembly. In this way, any video goes to the top to get disassembly or to get dislikes to customers. YouTube dislikes such a video YouTube Rewind.

YouTube's annual observation says that YouTube is now the most disliked video list, with a video titled 'YouTube Rewind 2018'. More than 1.20 million subscribers have disliked or designed the video until Thursday.

The video shows that up to 1.44 million people watched the video till Thursday. Of this, 10 million people disliked the video. About 80 percent of the people disliked the video. Again in the middle of this video, 21 million people like.

Previously, the top of the list of dislikes was pop star Justin Biber 'Baby' song. The video uploaded in 2010 has an estimated 98 million people. And the video liked 10 million people. Of course, over 203 million subscribers have watched the video. As it is, the dislike rate is very low. 

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