Russian entrepreneur made dating app and become billionaire ~ Ofuran

Russian entrepreneur made dating app and become billionaire

• Andre Andrev made some dating apps
• In 2012, his wealth was $150 crore USD 
• He is a Russian entrepreneur

Russian entrepreneur Andrei Andrev, Although born in Russian, he is currently a UK citizen. Many have called him the Cupid of this era (the god of Greek love). But in this age, he did not throw a kiss like a cupid to create a feeling of love in people's hearts, but instead made a dating app to make people come closer. They have the opportunity to know the geographic location of users, such as the dating app created by them, and there is also a face-to-face system. Andre Andrev is now making the dating app in the world's richest man.

Andrea Andrev has created five dating apps, including the world's biggest dating app Badoo. Badoo has bought 79 percent of Bamble's popular dating apps in the United States. 45-year-old André became the owner of huge wealth by making a dating app. According to the US Forbes magazine, his wealth was $ 150 million in 2018. On the basis of which, Andre was ranked 1, 561 in the list of the world's richest people.

 Huge wealthy Andrei Andrev was a long time behind the scenes. There was not much writing about him in the media. Forbes Russia once called him "the most mysterious businessman in the West", although he did not accept this title. In this regard, he told Forbes Magazine: "If you do anything outside Russian country, it's a big deal. That's why people think of me as mysterious. I'm not mysterious, I live in London, and people see me every day - there is no mystery. '

Born in Moscow, André's parents were both scientists. Now born in Russia, Andrea is currently a UK citizen. As for Forbes, Andre's position among the youngest richest in the UK Regarding his work, Andrea said, "Since the first day after birth, I have a strong passion for technology. My father was involved in technology, so I used to sit in a lot of toys in Moscow's flat.

Like many other successful people, he was a student falling from the university. After studying for a few days at Moscow University, in 1992, at 18, he dropped out of the university. He left University for the purpose of moving to Spain. André said, "I wanted to see the world by traveling. So I have also lent money from my parents to meet the travel expenses of Europe. "André's business started in 1995. In that year, he launched online computer and accessories selling 'Virus' in Russia. He did not have two years to start online business in 1997, he sold the shop for millions of dollars in 1997. After paying the loan he had received from the sale of the shop, after paying the loan from his parents, he had some more money left in his hands.

In the same sense, in 1999, a software called Spieleg was created. The software was to monitor the entry of visitors to the website. He also sold the Spiegel software in 2001. But he did not disclose how much money he had been selling.

Advertising business joined in 2002 and joined in the advertising business in 2002. An advertising company named 'Begun' was launched. In 2008, Russian investment company Finance Holdings was a big partner in this advertising company.

While bringing the lovers around the world closer to the dating app, Andre has not seen or contacted his girlfriend through any apps. According to Forbes, Andre's dating dating app is now being used in 190 countries of the world. This app can be used in 47 languages ​​of the world. Currently, approximately 38 million people worldwide are using this app. He also refused to say anything about his next move to Forbes. But this said, no matter what happens, the contact of the person will increase further.