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Artificial intelligence is in the new ideas

Artificial intelligence in new ideas

Imagine a system where teachers like every day do not check the presence of a roll number in the class, it is possible to get the picture of the CCTV camera automatically, who is in the class, who does not. Again, the city is not far off from the city of rural area, because of not having a chance to see what is inside the museum, rather, in the city, through the virtual reality, the right-left mouse will be seen in the museum inside and outside.

Let's imagine, no one has to know how much money the phone has on the phone due to lack of customer service agents in the middle of the night or on holiday, nor to be deprived of medicine services. Minutes after minutes, the customer service staff is busy due to lack of wait; Rather, customer service is available without any kind of waiting for 24 hours.

Actually, these systems have now taken shape in the form of artificial intelligence, machine learning, the development of natural language processing and image processing (natural language processing, image processing). Along with famous, many entrepreneurs around the world have come to capitalize on artificial intelligence and take new initiatives.

What is artificial intelligence?

Simply put, artificial intelligence, when the device works or responds like a smart person. Naturally, for the things that people need, like seeing someone's face or listening to him, recognizing him, making decisions like experts, using artificial intelligence is now possible to do them through the machine.

The initiatives taken by artificial intelligence can be taken

Many types of initiatives have been established worldwide using artificial intelligence and the new entrepreneurs are continuously experimenting with artificial intelligence using various types of activities. Some use of artificial intelligence can be said, depending on which new initiatives and plans can be taken.

Chat Bots: Let us give examples of some common everyday events. How long would we call the restaurant, how long would it be to ask for the food menu or save the seats. Want to know the doctor whether she is there for the interview, when to come to the chamber, or to show any specialist doctor for specific illness. When the results of the exams are published every year, they will get results by sending SMS by spending lakhs of examinees. All these services are available through 'Chat Bots'. After creating chat bots in Facebook or any other messenger, it will automatically answer questions based on user's query. In this case, no person will need to receive phone calls or sit back online.

Customer service: Every day, countless people call for receiving customer service. Mobile operators, banks, insurance and various corporate offices, to customer service representatives. In most cases, the same kind of questions turn around. For example, 'how much my mobile balance', 'my account balance,' 'when my bill was last,' etc. The problem is, many times customers have to wait by phone. Only if a representative is empty, he can answer questions. There are no offices in many offices at night. These services can be provided through software rather than a customer service representative through artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Especially for ordinary questions of traditional trend, this will work very well.

Recommendation system: Let's say, you went to a restaurant, but you can not understand what to order the food. In such a case, if there is an artificial intelligence app or service in that restaurant, then some questions may help you to choose the food. E-commerce trade is becoming popular in our country. There may be recommendations for purchasing new products based on where the buyer buys a product. In this case, analyzing specific buyer information and history of previous product purchases, and even finding out-to-match with other buyers, may be offered to purchase new products. Amazon, Netflix, YouTube's suggestions or recommendations are working this way.

Notification Services: You may also like to see a hero or a heroine. But you do not have time to find out whether there is a new action movie every week. Want to visit again, but you do not know at any time there will be a discount for hotel fare or air ticket prices. Meanwhile, it is time consuming to access these information on their website every day or by phone. If there is such a system, you will get the information you receive in e-mail or sms as soon as your favorite hero-heroine comes to the cinema or hotel or airline ticket price. Your time and money are saved. That is, the work that your personal assistant or manager used to do, is now able to do an artificial intelligence program.

Thinking more, you're going somewhere in the car. On the way to buy medicine from a drug store, or buy food from the food store. If you are notified by the notification that you have a pharmacy or restaurant here while traveling in the car, finding it as easy as finding a store for you will also save you from being anxious at travel time.

Robots and drones

While many countries in the world use robots and drones, they can be used in a few small specialized areas. For example, blood can be supplied with a drone if it is necessary to provide blood in emergency time, precious life can be saved. In addition to the places where people are going to be risky, small robot parts may be sent. However, the design and technical process must be completed based on the purpose of the robot or drone used in that case.

 Diagnosis: The use of artificial intelligence is currently being used in various countries in the field of cancer detection. Without the presence of a specialist doctor using picture processing technology, analyzing medical images can be said in many cases, there is no special problem present. Apart from analyzing the results of various reports, artificial intelligence can be used to tell if the patient can suffer from any type of problem or what kind of treatment is needed. These systems are commonly referred to as expert systems.

As a matter of fact: If you can make an application that can be seen on your computer or mobile phone, you can turn it on like a movie, but it is actually the same as turning it into a destination.

You probably need to buy saris, jewelry, sunglasses or watches. But going to the store, you do not have to buy during trial. Now if there is such a system that you stand in front of the web camera, you choose one of the saris and jewelry. And suddenly, how did you wear the sari-jewelry that was flashed on the computer screen? How much sari color or clock design is fitting with you. Using artificial intelligence, everything is currently becoming possible.

Apart from this the use of artificial intelligence is constantly creating new ideas, new initiatives. But artificial intelligence is not a magic box; Artificial intelligence-based initiative can be taken only after proper judicial analysis and feasibility study. The use of artificial intelligence is possible only through the use of human intelligent intelligence.