Why I love You? ~ Ofuran

Why I love You?

Why I love you? 

Why sings the cuckoo? There is definitely a scientific answer to this question. I can not even find that intimidating answer, the spring season spreads the plot of the net in nature. The cocoon was called in the plot. Knowing or not knowingly, we are trapped in this plot.

Not in the winter, or in the summer time, how to have a mind in the open air. Shah Abdul Kareem sang in this proverbial air, "Spring is the sign of the spring breeze, the smell of the flowers of your house comes to my house ...."

Psychologists say that the effects of nature on people's minds are now proven. On the day of the rainy days, the mind becomes depressed because of the effects, on the sunny days, the mind becomes enchanting, cheerful.

See, today this flagon has blossomed out of the green branches of the tree, the thump is reddish Palash-Shimul-Krishnachura. The tree seemed like a fire. The fire was in the forest. Do not feel like the ignition of the fire? Takes it. It feels so awful to wake up, 'If there is a fishery in the forest, why not that bird?' I want to get close to the love person. When we get closer to him, we sing, 'love, love-, it is far away from the water in the water.' And when the dear person is unaffected, I say in deep sigh, 'Knowing that life is worth a lot of hardships, love is basically dirty and brilliant.'

I do not get to the loved ones or I do not, the feeling of love is the eternal awakening of the human being. One of the most rare and desirable applications in the world.

Tomorrow is February 14th love day. What is the surprise when the arrival of spring in nature, in the beginning of the Falgun, the 'Valentines Day' of the West comes in Bengal.

There is a very popular story about 'Valentine's Day'. The gladiator of the Roman warrior II Gladius once banned the marriage of his kingdom. His idea was that the bond of this man's relationship with men and women makes man unwilling to go to war. Caithalist St. Valentine was unable to obey the emperor's order. She arranged to marry young girls in a church secretly. After being informed, the emperor sent Valentin to prison. But what is the point of the destiny! The prisoner of love has developed a love relationship with the daughter of a prison guards. He ignored the custom for the priests and married the girl. When the news came, the emperor declared Valentine's execution. On the day of execution, on the day of his execution, the last piece of his letter to the lover was 'Love from Your Valentine'. The day was February 14.

After 200 years of death Valentine was recognized as 'St.' in 496 CE. But after a long time, in the 18th century, the British started celebrating the Love Day in memory of her. Now this message of love has spread throughout the world. Loving lovers keep Valentine's love for Valentine's love immensely.

Today, people of the whole world, who have begun this day with gifts of flowers, chocolates, auspicious and poetry, are given to loved ones. In this age of technology, social media wall filled the walls of love messages for friends. By using the marketing techniques, various organizations are also open to the product bikini poss. There are many big hotels and restaurants in the city to celebrate Diwali.

Today the palanquin 'Falguni song of the wind, filled with the garden.'

Love is not just about two human relations or relations. This is a wonderful feeling of humanity against hatred and animosity. Do you remember that famous song from Bhupen Hazarika? 'I love the people, you love me, all the love of our two people come today, let's give this country.' Thus love spreads in the country and the countryside. Hope people live and love.