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Hearts of Digital Bangladesh - National Information Store

National Information Store

National Data Center or National Data Center is being built at a cost of around Tk 1.6 billion. This is called 'Heart of Digital Bangladesh' by concerned engineers. They say, the construction of important data centers in national security is almost the last. It will be fully operational by June next month. Then you can start commercially.

At the end of the construction of the data center building, it can be seen. The activities started on several floors. Security has been strengthened. Some servers are sitting. Rack has been installed on several floors. They will be installed on the server.

What is the use of this data center?

One of the engineers of the Bangladesh Computer Council said that a very technical type of data center is technically called 'Heart of Digital Bangladesh'. It is set up at 7 acres taken from the 97 acres newly added place in Kaliakoir Bangabandhu Highway Park. This is one of the largest structures in the world, among the data centers in cloud computing and G-cloud technologies, whose downtime is zero. It will get the certificate of Tire Certification of Operational Sustainability from United States-based Uptime Institute. This project will be completed as Tier 4 (Goldman Tier-IV) Gold Fault Tolerant Data Center. Benefits will be available from the beginning of the program.

National Data Center Maintenance Engineer (Network) Kamruzzaman said in the first light that the world's eighth largest data center among data centers is in Bangladesh. As part of the government's commitment to form 'Vision Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh', the project was adopted to ensure the safeguarding of information and data and to ensure uninterrupted quality e-services. Now there is a need to conserve large data in the public and private sector. This project will help the government of Bangladesh to implement all other projects. There is a plan to set up the data center at State Bank of India, IBAS ++, Department of Birth and Death, Election Commission, Land Survey Directorate, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, AIII, and important data-data. In addition, security of data is a major challenge, which can be more prominent in the future. So it has been set up to protect information. Through this, a comprehensive and developed world-wide data center is being developed in the country whose down time is zero. After the implementation of this project, the government will be able to conserve the digital content of various agencies and ensure the cyber security of digital content.

State Information and Communication Technology Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak hopes to start commercial operations soon after the completion of the national data center. The state minister said this while visiting the National Data Center at Bangabandhu High City City in Kaliakoir, Gazipur on Wednesday.

The State Minister said 99 percent of the work of this data center is already finished with the help of China's assistance at the cost of Taka 1.6 billion. The construction of imported equipment has already been completed in two lakh sq ft area building for this database. Now experimental work there.

To implement the government's 'Digital Bangladesh' program, the government computer council under the Department of Information Technology has taken up this project to set up the 'Four Tier National Data Center' for the protection of large-scale data for the preservation of public and private sector information. The information and communication technology department of Gazipur has been asked to create digital centers in the public administration to increase the efficiency, transparency and accountability of the public administration, to save information and to deliver digital services to the doorsteps of the people.

Data centers are also being considered for providing services like cloud services, data protection, at private level. According to the information and communication technology department, it is possible to increase the hosting capacity of the data center, and ensure that the citizen services can be quickly and secure through the national e-service system. This will save a large amount of digital data. It will be possible to preserve the confidential, important and sensitive information of banks, research centers, government and other trade organizations. However, not only the information of the country but also the foreign trade bodies and other countries will be made attractive to preserve the information.

The State Minister said that a coordinated and world-wide data center is being developed in the country under the Four Tier National Data Center project. It will ensure the cyber security of digital content, improve public service through transmitting information between domestic and international organizations. Through the project, ICT activities of all government offices, departments, departments, districts and upazila level will be directly connected. This data center will be the basis of modern digital activities, service delivery and e-business in the country.

Activities :
Under the Bangladesh Computer Council, the project was approved on October 6, 2015 at ECNEC meeting. The implementation of the project was from 1 July 2015 to 30 June, 2018. But the project's expiration was extended to two years on June 30, 2020. Data Exchanges are being implemented in Exim Bank of Exim Bank of China and 40 million dollars in Bangladesh government's Gazipur Kaliakoir seven acres of land.