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Facebook is synchronizing messenger, instagram, and WhatsApp

Facebook is synchronizing messenger, instagram, and WhatsApp

Facebook is planning a new one The three popular apps under the organization have the opportunity to communicate. That means, Facebook authorities are making messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp together. Of course, there are three apps available separately.

Users of these apps can communicate with each other through their apps. The information was reported in a New York Times report.

The New York Times said that Facebook authorities are creating special infrastructure inside popular apps, so that all the services under Facebook can come in an ecosystem. Facebook is thinking about giving these apps and encryption encryption It can also ensure user data protection. However, when these decisions will be implemented, it has not been decided yet.

A Facebook spokesman said in a statement, "We want to give the best messaging experience. The goal of providing fast, easy, reliable, and best communication services for personal communications has been set. Thinking of giving more and more prescriptions to massage services is going to be considered. It is also thought to be easy to reach friends and family members. Discussion and debate are going on, how it will work.

Facebook allows users to be more engaged to messaging apps while talking to each other. Many of them will be involved in the integrated platform. In addition to dragging advertisers, there will be benefit for Facebook.