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Facebook becomes very strict for FB groups and Admins are worried for this

You were in a group earlier on Facebook, but now he can not see himself in that group? This may happen because of your inability to Facebook Group, even if some of the Facebook Group Administrators do not do such work. If you add friends to different groups but you are not active there, then you may be removed from that group.

Recently, many such complaints have been submitted in the Facebook forum. Many of the group's admins and former members are complaining to Facebook. They think that Facebook is directly linked to the issue of reducing the widespread membership of the group without saying anything to anyone.

Many people think that this is because of a Facebook security. Actually, it's not. Some changes have been made in the Facebook policy.
According to the Social Media Today report on technology website, Facebook is taking action against the inactive members of the group in their new policy. Update: Facebook used the word 'kick-out' in this policy.

According to this policy, you can not add anybody directly to any group if you want a friend. Instead of inviting you to be a member of the group of friends. As long as the friend will keep inviting and join the group, he will not be considered as a member of that group. He will be listed on the 'Invite' list as a possible group member.

Earlier, friends whose friends have added to a group of Facebook but did not go to the group and saw the post in the news feed, they will be excluded from the group and added to the invoice list. This will reduce the number of members in many groups. Because of this, many group administrators are expressing concern. Many people do not understand when they move away from the group.

On the internet website, SchoppS, an internet-based rumor, has said that the new Facebook policy has been effective since January 13. If you want to join a group until February 10, you will see the user. That means, Facebook has given 28 days to join the inviting list to the group. If excluded from any of these groups, it will be excluded from the group. It will not be shown in the group post and news feed.