Why Upwork Account can be suspended or banned suddenly? ~ Ofuran

Why Upwork Account can be suspended or banned suddenly?

Your loving Upwork account can be suspended or banned suddenly because of the following reasons. Please read carefully to save your established Upwork account.

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  • Be active as you can at Upwork. Install Upwork app on mobile and keep mobile data on as much possible.
  • Add more relevant skills to Upwork profile. Try to avoid the most common skills which are added by most of the freelancers.
  • Try to earn certificate from online. Add these certificate to prove your skills.
  • Never bid to those jobs which have less possibility for you.
  • Try to bid less but to get more job.
  • Try to less waste the connects. Generally 60 connects are given for a month. 30 general jobs can be bidded by these connects. 
  • Try to earn more.
  • If you have a vacation, give a message to Upwork support.
  • Try to increase response rate. 
Hope if you follow the above rules and regulations Upwork account will never be banned or suspended.

If you account is suspended by chance unfortunately, then you have only one chance to submit proof documents to regain your account. If you lost that chance, your account will never be regained. So be careful to submit those documents, you will get an email to appeal that how you should submit those documents.