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New feature has been brought in Messenger App

New features have been brought in the Messenger App

Facebook has launched a new version of the messenger app, with the promise of adding more new features in the future. Users can now use the newer version messenger app.

In May this year, Facebook's annual developer conference told F-8 Messenger version of the new version of the Facebook authorities. Facebook's claim that the new app's design and feature has become more easy and user-friendly for users.

Users will see three tabs in Messenger version 4. The tabs are Chats, People and Discovery. Facebook adds convenience to anywhere in the app All the user's conversations will be in the chat tab. Friends and different stories will be seen in the People tab. There are also opportunities to see who is active on Facebook. There will be various business information and contact facilities available in the Discover tab. There are also tabs to follow or play games.

It also has the advantage of organizing personal conversations on its own. There are special features named Color Gradients, which will make different bubbles colorful.

Facebook has said in a statement that the change in Facebook Messenger app will take some time to adapt. That's why Messenger is being made to step by step in 4 steps. More new features will come in future messenger. But they will be gradually added. Facebook says, there will be various benefits such as changing the dark mode or interface to messenger.