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Mark Zuckerberg could lose his position on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg could lose his position on Facebook

The time is not going to be good at Facebook Along with its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In a debate, the popular social media medium has been involved in controversy.

The US election voters have been unsuccessful in the data, few days before, the Facebook account of the 'View Edge' feature has been hacked, and accounting for two million and a million accounts is hacked, and the use of this platform is spreading violence. In the meantime, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been suggested to be removed from the company's post.

It is reported that on Facebook or on Facebook, the share has been shared on Facebook, the four largest public funds in the United States. Although Facebook's large share of its own shares may have virtually nothing to do with Zuckerberg.

It is, however, convinced that Rhode Island State Treasurer Seth Magazinera He said the proposal to remove Zakarabarga from the post of chairman is still meaningful, because it can draw attention to the problems and problems of Facebook.

Magazine also said that it will all feel accountable to discuss the issue at the Facebook annual meeting. However, the Facebook spokesman declined to comment on the matter.

Facebook's shareholders want to remove Zakarbagh from the chairman's post and appoint an independent person there. Though these shareholders said that due to this, the problem may not be fully solved, but Facebook status will improve in the stock market somewhat.

As told by the Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frérix He said the independent chairman may not be able to resolve all issues of Facebook. But through this the company may have less problems and the decrease in share price will also be slightly reduced.

Facebook's annual meeting will be held in May next year. The big shareholders of the company are hoping for this change plan by targeting the meeting.

This year, Facebook shares have fluctuated greatly. In March, after a Facebook scandal with Cambridge Analytics, Facebook shares fell quite a bit. After the market could bring some relief, even after the delusional scandal again from July again the platform. Even in July, the company's value has dropped by 30 percent.

It is to be noted that, in 2017, an offer of shareholders was canceled in relation to the appointment of an independent chairman. Because of the huge shares of Zuckerberg on Facebook, a proposal from outside is virtually symbolic. However, it is a matter of watching what Zuckerberg desperately wants to save Facebook.