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Google Plus is about to close by Google

Google Plus is off due to disgrace

Having a status as a social network, Google Plus is going to be losing its status. Many people have said goodbye before. The Google authorities are very uncomfortable and give it a farewell. It is not advisable to dismiss it properly. On October 8, Google authorities said they will stop Google Plus from launching them in 2011. But this site will be affected when it is closed? 

In their report 'Economist', Google has become a ghostly place in Google Plus. Still, millions of users are using Google Plus, but they spend less time there. As Google, once someone in Google Plus enters, there is only one glance out of sight and out of it. On average, 90 percent of the site spent less than 5 seconds. So it seems that if you close Google Plus, it will not have much effect. However, the Google authorities are not even in favor of ending this site. From here the things that will be used to implement, a version of the site will be used for the use of different organizations.

The bigger thing than closing Google Plus is that it is closed in the same way. After a report of 'Wall Street Journal', the announcement was made to close Google Plus soon after. In their report, the Wall Street Journal said in March that a security error was found in the Google Plus code last March. More than half a million users' information is exposed to third-party apps.