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How to identify a project/thesis idea?

How to identify a project/thesis idea?

An awesome idea is the sauce for any project/thesis. But is it easy to find an idea? Please follow the following steps for generating an awesome and unique idea for a project or thesis. 

1. Think something which is in the area of your mind. 
2.  Plan about 30 minutes on your thinking. 
3. Think about possible fundings and helpful resources.
4. Plan about 1 hour for project/thesis approach and logic related it.
5. Draw a simple model of your planing.
6. Think for the implementation approach of your project/thesis.
7. Write down the approaches in notebook step by step. Though it is a draft, think deeply and write down.
8. Search and think about the existing (if exists) projects/thesis related to yours.
9. Collect all necessary resources like as previous related thesis/projects, books, websites etc to start the project/thesis. 
10. Start.

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