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What can you do to gain an American Scholarship?

What can you do to gain an American Scholarship? 

To gain an American scholarship for higher education you have to do -

1. Achieve minimum GPA in secondary and higher secondary examination, Golden A+ in not must, but minimum GPA needed according to your preferred college, university.

2. SAT/TOEFL, GMAT/GRE score: Different institutions requires different scores, but a general survey that SAT -1 =  2000+, SAT -2 = 2200+, TOEFL = 105+ is enough good for scholarship/admission.

3. Co-curricular activities: If you are involved with any co-curricular activities in any section, try to get a certificate from your proper authority. It will be very helpful for admission. 

When you apply include the followings-

1. An application letter including personal inforation
2. All academic certificate, transcript (in English must)
3. TOEFL/SAT, GRE/GMAT score certificate
4. A personal letter for statement of purpose.
5. Recommendation letter from your known professor.
6. Income certificate for tuition fee payment later, or application for a full free scholarship.

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