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How to write a project/thesis proposal?

How to write a project/thesis proposal? 

A project/thesis proposal is an important document of thoughtful planning for a project/thesis which describes something about that project/thesis. The format of a project proposal and a thesis proposal is about same to same. 

Format of a project proposal or Thesis Proposal:

1. Tentative Title of the project/thesis 
2. Objective
3. Short description of the project/thesis
4. Proposed Methodology
5. Reference(s)

Description of these:

Tentative title: A short but eye catching and meaningful tentative title of your project/thesis

Objective: A very short statement contained a few words or statements that expresses the final goal of your project/thesis.

Short description: It is a short and unique, no more than 2 pages description of your project/thesis. It explains briefly the whole infrastructure and benefits of the thesis/project so that anyone can understand very easily about it.

Proposed Methodology: It is some short statements of how and which methods will be applied or can be applied to bring a successful/meaningful conclusion/ending of your project/thesis.

Reference: This section includes some references which will be used for implementing or as the helpful resources for completing/partial completing the project/thesis. 

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