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WhatsApp sent messages can be deleted within seven minutes

Whats App sent messages can be deleted within seven minutes

Recently, a new feature called 'Delete for Everyone' has been added to Whats App. If someone delivers a message unwillingly, it can be deleted within seven minutes. 

But really delete the message completely from your phone?

According to an All India Media report, Spanish Android blog 'Android Zeef' said messages from your smartphone's notification logs were deleted. That means, the recipients, or the message to which the message has been received, will easily see the deleted message again. These deleted messages will remain in the notification of the Android system.

How to see deleted messages from the notification register?

Download an app called 'Notification History' from Google Play. This app can be seen through the Notification Register.

After downloading this app, messages deleted from the Android Notification Log will be displayed. If you have a third party launcher like 'Nova Launcher' on your phone, then this method will be more convenient.

Without the addition of an additional app, this is deleted message. Long press on the home screen. Then Widgets> Activation> Settings> Notification log. In this way, you can see the notification log.

But not all the deleted messages can be seen in the notification logs. This all-India media checks out the whole process, the WhatsApp messages that come to you are the only ones left.

Suppose you are chatting on WhatsApp, that is, instant message coming from other ends. But the notification does not come. If the message is deleted, you will not be able to find it in the notification log.

If the smartphone is turned off, then the notification register will be completely deleted. Not only that, the first 100 characters of the meshed deleted document will be seen only. However, this feature is only available on Android 7.0 smartphones.