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How to use Smartphone OTG Cable?

How to use Smartphone OTG Cable?
Some excellent uses of Smartphone OTG Cable are listed here

Currently, we almost all use smartphones. And Android phone users is more among us. One of the most important features of Android smartphones is OTG. With this feature you can easily do many things with your smartphones. But before knowing them, let's not know what is actually OTG.

The full meaning of OTG is the USB on The Go. This technology was developed in 2001 and using a USB device as a host, another USB device can be connected with it. Simply, OTG is a technology that allows you to add many USB devices, such as a pen drive, mouse, keyboard with your phone. But to get these benefits, your phone must be OTG supported phone.

How to understand if your phone is OTG supported?

At present, almost all new smartphones have the facility of OTG. If you do not know whether your phone has OTG facility or not this facility in this case, you can check the phone box in which the phone was when you purchased your phone. If you see 'OTG supported', then you can enjoy the benefits of OTG. 

If you do not have a phone box, then you can write your phone model in Google search bar and see whether your phone supports OTG. You can also easily download the 'USB OTG Checker' app from the Play Store and find out if your phone has OTG facility. If your phone is OTG enabled, you will need an OTG Cable to get the utility benefits of OTG. Various USB devices are connected to the phone via OTG cable. You can buy it from any mobile store at a very low price.

Now let's know, about the wonderful things what you can do with your phone's OTG facility.

1. You can use the mouse and keyboard

Those who want to use a mouse or keyboard on a mobile phone like PC, they can easily use them on the phone via OTG. Just add your USB keyboard or mouse with an OTG cable phone. Then you can work with the mouse or the keyboard.

By adding the mouse you can easily access large screen phones or tabs. Also, if your phone's display breaks in any way or if the touch is lost then you can easily do all the phone functions by adding the mouse to the phone. You can copy the lost data on the phone to another location. And those who are accustomed to writing in PCs, they add a PC keyboard to the phone and easily write them on the phone.

2. Other phones can be charged too

Remember, your friend's phone is not charged at all. Will stop at any moment. There is no way to charge the phone. But your phone has almost full charge. What to do now? In such a situation, you can easily charge your friend's phone with your phone, if your phone is supported by OTG.

To charge this way, add your friend's phone via OTG cable to your phone. Then your friend's phone will start charging automatically. This way, you can pay any other phone in addition to the Android smartphone. But in this case one thing must be remembered. That is, if you have to charge the phone in this manner, the battery capacity of your phone will be higher than the one you charge it. That means if you have a battery capacity of 2,000 mAh, the phone you want to charge will have more than 2000 mAh battery capacity.

3. Game Controllers can be added

Do you love to play games on a smartphone? Then you have good news. That is, you can easily add it to your phone via autogy to the game controller.

4. Portable storage can be added

You can easily add pen drives, portable hard drives, memory card readers, and more easily via phone's OTG facility.

Your favorite laptop may not be near you. But you want to store your phone's files anywhere. With autism, you can easily add the pen drive to the phone and keep the phone files in it. Apart from Otiji, you can play directly from a pen drive or portable hard drive without copying music, video or any other phone.

5. Broadband Internet can be connected

You know what you can do to add your phone via otigi with broadband internet! Yes, if you do not have any WiFi router in your home and if you want to use the internet facility associated with your PC, then you can easily have a broadband connection on your phone via autogy. In this case, you will need a USB Ethernet adapter.

 6. Can be printed from the phone

If you have a problem with your computer at the moment and if you need to print something then you can add the printer to your phone via OTG. As a result, you can print directly from your phone, your required documents.