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Top unique 5 books which influenced in the lives of successful people

Top unique 5 books which influenced in the lives of successful people

Bill Gates was once asked, "Superheroes have many super qualities. Had you ever wished to gain a superhuman power, which one would you choose? "

Most people say "to be invisible", "read the mind of a man", "time travel" etc, but surprising everyone, Bill Gates replied, "My only wish I can finish reading a book more quickly."

A common practice for most successful people around the world  is that they read a lot of books. The habit of reading books from early childhood makes their imagination intensely, out of the bounds of dreams that helps in the workplace. Let's know today that the five books which influenced the lives of successful people.

1. The Alchemist

Is lucky really possible? If someone tells you how to find the treasure hidden in the dream, how can you get all the demands, desires, and fullness of life on the way, by flying in the empty wheel of the fate?

Paulo Coelaho's "The Alchemist" is a unique book, with such an insignificant story as a parable of spiritual and real life. The book has been translated into 67 languages and has been ranked among the best-selling books of all time in 18 countries.

Bill Clinton, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Madonna and many other people around the world, all of them have suggested to read the book in a unilateral way. What is the secret of the book's incredible success? Bill Gates said, "The alchemist creates a kind of understanding within himself, which changes the outlook of life, teaches life to look at new forms."

2. The Art of War

San Jzu was a prominent war veteran, strategist and philosopher in China, in China. Today, about two thousand years ago, he wrote on the bamboo chaat, a famous book 'The Art of War'. Mao Zedong, Mac Arthur, as well as the army chiefs, said he was inspired by his book.

Sun Tzu's policy is still in every military school, however, the text book. However, the book is very popular in business, marketing and marketing or marketing. According to the World's Forbes Magazine, "If the business owners have asked their writers to play a very important role in trade and military affairs simultaneously? Hear a name - San Tzu! "


There is nothing new about the Encyclopedia. One of the most scholarly encyclopedia of English language is thought to be it. It is written and revised by almost 100 editors and about 4000 contributors.

Among the translators, there were 110 Nobel Laureates and 5 US Presidents. Wikipedia can be called modern version of the Encyclopedia. These books have been playing a unique role in awakening the thirst of knowledge in the minds of people for hundreds of years.

Many people may know about Elon Musk. In this era of technology excellence, he has transformed the Earth's air into a wonderful talented technocrat who believes in. Tesla Motors, Solar City and Space X are the heads of three world-renowned technology companies. What do you always know about the next masks of fancy and visionary projects? Settle on Mars!

Encyclopædia Britannica is one of the most beloved books of the man with this extraordinary imagination. At the age of nine years, at the age of nine, he finished the entire encyclopedia! If someone asks for a suggestion about reading the book, he still advises to read Encyclopedia.

4. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Doubtful teenager Huckleberry Finn ran away from home with an unbelievable attraction. The companion is a slave named his gym. They have been experiencing exciting experiences and they are looking forward to finding a life free. In the book Mark Twain, in the book Hucklaberi, a dark history of slavery and poverty-deprivation of the nineteenth century America.

Mark Twain is said to be the father of American literature. Famous writer Ernest Hemingway said about him, all modern American literature came from Mark Twain's popular literary work 'Huckleberry Fin'.

According to many, 'The Adventure of Huckleberry Fin', Marc Twain's Best Literary Work. Rebel, Swapnulu, Udharamana, Huckleberry Finn has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world today.

5. Cosmos

To keep an outstanding contribution in popularizing science in the history of the world, the scientist Carl Segan will remember the world all the time. It is said, and no one could explain the greatness of space like Carl Sagan.

The book "Cosmos" will keep Segan immortal in the world

He has gone many years. But those who saw him at that time, can remember his voice easily and easily. They can just think that the handsome Karl is speaking in simple words with the unique skill of his celestial show "Cosmos" on the basis of life's origin, evolution, history of civilization, galaxies, planets, prejudices, the future of human civilization, etc.

The book "Cosmos" will keep Segan immortal, on the world's chest, the science-conscious people will always be provided with the knowledge of food.