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How to test SEO of your website?

How to test SEO of your website?

Some hidden tricks from the experts to test SEO of your website. Testing SEO of a website is very necessary to boost up visitors and to take decision about website ranking. Here, you will know about how to test SEO ranking of your website.

1. Write in Google search bar and press enter. You will see here, how many webpages of your site have been indexed in google. 

2. Add your website in Google Search Console and add a property by your website name here. To do this, your have to verify first your domain name by google verification meta tag, or CNAME record, or google verification file upload in web-hosting root directory. After verification completion, you will get web tools for your website. 

3. Click your website property and then Google Index status. Here you will see how many pages are indexed in google search result. 

4. Then click Crawl your website and here you you will see two option for desktop and for mobile. By both way fetch and render your website.

5. Then click request indexing and fulfill captcha and  select crawl this URL and its direct links and then submit go.  

6. Then Google bot will crawl your every webpage of your website. It is very helpful for better SEO.

7. You only get 10 submissions in above way per month. If you want to index only one page, then follow Search Console Crawl URL.  Here, paste your link and submit request. 

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