Some awesome and Killer SEO Tips and Tricks with example. ~ Ofuran

Some awesome and Killer SEO Tips and Tricks with example.

Some awesome and Killer SEO Tips and Tricks with example.

SEO - search engine optimization is a part and parcel for your loving website. You can not bring your website in the first page of Google search with SEO - search engine optimization.

So, here I am going to listed some awesome and killer SEO tips and tricks for you. Learn SEO and gain more and more visitors in your website. I am also following this SEO tips and tricks.

1. Make a Facebook page, twitter account, google plus account and other social account and share the posts , news of your website in the social media more and more. 

2. Add details of yours in Google plus account and make sure that it is public. No need to share sensitive information like birthday. You make also make private these sensitive information.

3. Add a place in google location places by the name of your website, blog or business. 

4. Add Facebook and social media comments below your website. Inspire the visitors to make comments.

5. Make high quality webpage link structure. A link with random string is generally disliked by common people. Readable string should be placed in webpage address. It should be done when the website is developing by developers. You can tell your developers about this matter.

6. Your website should only one <h1> heading with brief description about your website and some <h2>headings in every page. 

7. Make sure that every page of your website have different, unique and short <title> in title structure. Tell your developer about this matter.

8. You should make some videos and upload them in YouTube. You can make a professional  YouTube channel for regular video uploading.

9. Write unique and rich content in website. Unique content makes your website easily searchable. 

10. Try to make back link in forum websites. Give solution about different problems and paste a link in solution post. 

Thanks for reading. If you enjoys, please comment below. Your comment will inspire me to write more.  

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