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The best 15 SEO tricks for your Website

The best 15 SEO tricks for your Website

SEO - Search engine optimization is very urgent for a website and for the visitors to get relevant search result too. Here, you will learn some awesome and good working super SEO tips and tricks.

1. make your website mobile friendly.

2. Add voice search in your website.

3. Attract visitors to get connected by signing up in your website.

4. Send awesome posts to visitors email.

5. Make a mobile app by the name of your website.

6. Add location to web content to get more view.

7. Cut down all unnecessary files, information from website. 

8. Use important and long keywords.

9. Write high quality content.

10. Update and republish your old writings.

11. Keep quality of your website, not quantity.

12. Use secured connection - https:// .

13. Try to SEO in Bing and Yahoo too.

14. Help visitors to find real content by custom google search technique. 

15. Keep strong activity in social media too.

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