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The Strategies to reduce insect infestation in the home

The Strategies to reduce insect infestation in the home

You do not keep your house as clean as the insects come in some way or not. Many insect pests in the house are a common problem. But it does not only cause trouble, but also spread diseases. Find out some ways to reduce the risk of insect pests in the house.

Various types of medicines are available in the market. In the case of Cockroach, laminate medicines such as red wheat grains can be used to avoid various types of chicks, rats, box boxes etc.. Different types of insect killer spray can be used to get rid of other insect infestation. In addition to these, there are some domestic methods, which can easily be protected from insects. Those are

Keeping the clothes in the cupboard or cloth, drying up the Neem leaf dry or cloths of blacksmith, leaving the clothes worn by attacking the insect.

Again, using naphthalene inside the cloth, there is less chance of catching insects and there is also a smell of cloth.

Occasionally the cloth does not hold the cloth in the sunlight.

If you put one clove of sugar in the kitchen, the ants' incidence is less.

The cell wall overwhelm is more visible. From this point of view, the solution can be made by mixing liquefied paraffin with camphor powder.

If the spread of dried nitrogen in any of the kitchen area is reduced, the worm's infestation is less.

To avoid any food insects, you should keep an eye on the food table on which no light is kept. Of course, when designing the house, lighting can not be arranged on the dining room table or kitchen stove. Because, in some seasons lighter insects have more in light.

To protect against cockroach, rats, mosquitoes, flies, these insects should be kept clean.

Normally our rabbits are more susceptible to black rats. To avoid any kind of rats, chicks can be given to the mouth of a rat.

Also, the rats of the mice reduce the incidence of rats by pouring water.

There are many types of medicines such as chalk, eggplant spray, boric acid powder, to kill cockroaches. Barric acid powder medicines are very easily available in pharmacy. The price is also lower, Tk 20-40 You can also mix some sugar with Acid Powder. Use it on nightclub accommodation. Get results after one week.

The insecticide medicine must be given at night. It will be cleaned again in the morning.

Mice feeding medicines will be mixed with food. Then the rats will die quickly.

There will be cleaning in the house where the dirt-garbage is stored.

To remove the flies from the house, mix the cheese powder with the molasses.

To clean mosquitoes from the house, clean the house with a salvage. And to protect the mosquito's vulnerability, it is necessary to arrange for light and air to enter the house.

The sewage surrounding the lodging should be kept free of rubbish.

No smell of food can be kept in the house, mosquito-fish infections will increase.

In the evening, incense smoke reduces the incidence of mosquitoes.

No one can do anything in the house.

It is possible to use insecticides for insecticide, so that pesticides can not be used. But this is harmful for us. So, you can try to keep the house insect-free from home remedies.