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Do not charge the mobile phone in the car

Do not charge the mobile phone in the car

If you are traveling on a long road or stuck in everyday long jams, then there may be a reason for the low battery (charge-out) of smartphones.

So charging smartphones in your car's USB port may seem like an alternative solution. But charging the smartphone charging in the USB port is actually a big mistake.

But why? Firstly, the USB port of the car supplies less power, that is, the amount of electricity you need to charge your smartphone does not provide the exact amount. Car charging of low-power USB port reduces the power to charge your device faster at the speed of the port. As a result, charging your smartphone during the charge may stop or slow down.

Secondly, due to smartphone charging in the street, car battery can be eroded. Smartphones reduce your battery's battery since it is charging. The amount of car battery loss depends on your phone type and the type of car battery. Smartphones will not have a negative impact on new car owners with advanced batteries. But if your car is old-fashioned then it is better to refrain from charging smartphone charging on the USB port of the car.