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The right rules for dressing up clothes

The right rules for dressing up clothes

We always dress the clothes to keep clothes tidy and beautiful. Because the beauty of the dress is not perfected if the dress is not tidy properly. The clothes that you wear should be clean and tidy. After cleaning the clothes, dress it beautifully. This will increase the aesthetics of clothing a couple of times. There are special rules for this dress. Following the rules, the quality of the clothes is long lasting. And sometimes you may get lost due to wrongdoing. So dress your clothes in accordance with the rules.

Dresses can be dressed in the table. If you do not have the table, spread the cotton cloth on the floor and dress it up with cotton cloth.

Before dressing clothes, make a note of cotton, silk, gorgette, linen, or any type of cloth. Determine the temperature of the furniture to understand the type of cloth.
Typically, according to the type of clothing on the clothing body, the type of temperature required is written.

Sprinkle the arrows or strained cloth water. Otherwise, the clothes are likely to burn or worn out.

Smooth glossy satin or cruppet cloth is always put in another light woven cotton cloth and then dress up.

Make a block, handpiece, screen printed fabrics from the opposite side. Then the color of the clothes will not be lost.

Do not dress cotton cloth with a very hot dress, in which the color of the cloth burns. Always iron the opposite direction and before using it, if you use water during iron, then dry it in the air.

When dressing a shirt or blouse, first select the collar and shirt and then apply the rest.

Reverse the cushion and dress upside down. If you have a mousethe in table matte, dress upside down.

Whenever body spray or perfume is used on the direct face, allergies or other problems, while ironing the fabric, sprinkle a little perfume on the cloth and iron it. This smell will last for a long time and will also protect yourself from the trouble of using perfumes directly.

If you have to cloth, keep clothes for hours in cold clothes. The clothes will be fine in the long run.