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Importance of Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture is the rules and methods which describe the functions, capabilities, programming model and implementation of a computer system. It is the art for designing to fulfill the needs of users properly.

Computer organization is the interactive combination of hardware components of a computer, input-output devices, the central processing unit, storage and primary memory devices.

Computer system is the combination of hardware, operating system, application programs and users. Among the hardware systems – case, power supply, motherboard, processor, memory, hard drive, CD/DVD drive, sound card, Keyboard, Monitor etc.

Importance of Computer Architecture:

1.     The study of Computer Architecture and Organization helps to know the execution of computer instruction at the micro level.

2.     Data flow, memory hierarchy, tradeoffs and timing analysis can be known by studying Computer Architecture and Organization.

3.     The concepts of embedded systems, processor design can be also known. 
4.     Helps to write assembly code, real-time code or time critical systems coding.

5.     Memory hierarchy model, RAM, ROM, use of ‘pipeline’ can be known exactly by Computer Architecture and Organization.

6.     It gives fundamental and basic understandings about how computer works.

7.     Many things depends on Computer Architecture and Organization understanding like – performance analysis, practical software, parallel software, embedded systems, game programming, databases, accelerators, GPGPU computing, compiler optimization etc.

8.     Its knowledge helps to write programs faster, smaller, less prone to error.

9.     It also helps program debugging.

10.   It gives idea about relative cost of computer operation, the relation of software and users by their inner workings.