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The best Computer tips and tricks that you should know

The best Computer tips and tricks that you should know

There are some nice tips and tricks for operating a computer. Your operating will be very easy if you know these tips and tricks. I’m going to discuss about those tips and tricks.

1.     Getting back if any tab suddenly closed:
     Press ‘control’ (‘command’ in Mac) + ‘shift’ + ‘T’ . And the closed tab will be magically opened.

2.     Take screenshot any part of display screen:
 For Mac- Press ‘Command’ + ‘Shift’ + ‘4’. Then drag the area what you want  to take screenshot. For Windows – Go to start and type ‘snipping tool’.  Snipping Tool will be opened.

3.     Repeat the last command of Excel easily:
      If you press ‘F4’ button, it will repeat the last command.

4.     Open a link in a new tab with only one click:
     If your cursor is on a link and you press ‘the middle wheel button’, then it will open in a new tab.

5.     See Top to Bottom of a Page:
     Press ‘the middle wheel button’ and the page will automatically scroll from top to bottom.

6.     Copy by dragging a file:
     Hold ‘Alt’ key or ‘Control’ in windows, and then click and drag the file. This will make a copy.

7.     Reverse Google search of an image in Chrome: Press ‘S’ while you right click on an image, then it will do a reverse search.

8.      Play or Pause Youtube video, skip or backward 10 seconds:
If you press ‘K’, it will play or pause the video. If press ‘J’, it will go backward 10 seconds. If press ‘L’, it will go forward 10 seconds.

9.     Move window to any side of the screen: Click ‘windows’ key + ‘one of the arrows’. This is only for windows.

10.  Quick Clear Cache:
      Press ‘Control’ + ‘Shift’ + ‘R’ to clear cache and this will also refresh your page.

11.  Lock Computer: 
      Press ‘Windows’ Button + ‘L’. For Mac ‘Command’+ ‘Option’ + ‘Eject’.

12.  Rotate Screen: 
      Press ‘Control’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘One arrow’, it will rotate your screen.