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How to make your computer run faster

How to make your computer run faster

Now-a-days computer is the part and parcel of our daily life. Even some years ago, we couldn’t imagine how will be our life if we have no computer. But sometimes we become bored when our computer becomes slow to slower. Here I’m going to discuss about this.

To make your computer run faster:

1.     Clear the cookies and temporary files: To make the computer faster, clear the cookies of browsers clear the histories of browsers. Also clear the temporary files from C drive.

2.      Perform a security scan time to time: Run scan once or twice a week to make safe your computer. Use updated soft wares to run scan.

3.     Use updated operating system: Updates are available after a few months and update your pc operating system immediately.

4.     Reduce the number of startup programs: Install few and only necessary apps on your pc and try to reduce the number of startup programs. You can find the impact of startup programs on task manager. Stop the programs which impact is high. Uninstall the unused programs.

5.     Run disk defragment: To make decorate the hard disk, run a disk defragment. Try to give your pc a static ip address.

6.     Adding extra RAM on pc : It is also a good system.

7.     Delete, compress or remove unnecessary files from your computer.

8.      You can remove unnecessary language.