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What should I do with my life

At first, think what is life? Life is the combination of some relations. When we were in our childhood the world would seem endless and huge something but gradually we have grown up and see the practical uses of our life. It’s the change which occurs automatically.
It was extremely tough to make a right decision, to figure out a discipline in our childhood. But now we can make. In this tutorial, I am going to make a plan to teach you about something on what should you do with your life.

      1.      Try to figure out your future

Do it as soon as possible because the world is now so fast. Make a specific good plan, find ways to gain it and try again and again. Discuss with your mind.

     2.      Learn a lot of knowledge.

Always keep in mind that knowledge is power. Conquer the world with your knowledge. Read a lot of good books and gain more and more knowledge. You may find that gaining knowledge is hard but you have to keep patience in it.

     3.     Be Good person and keep good behavior

A good characteristic is the crown of one’s life. Make your mind fresh and show good behavior to all. Then everyone will like you and you will also understand that everyone is giving value to you. Try to learn more about your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind may hinder your real mind to show good something but always ignore it.                      

     4.     Make unique something even small

Gain practical knowledge, try to apply it in the application field and make unique something even it is small. Do not hear, other people’s ignorance, criticisms about it. Your inventions, discovers are your own credits.

     5.     Become Trustful and gain Reputation

Honesty is the one of the best ways to impress someone to keep attention to you. Be honest and hardworking person. You will be successful in your life easily. If you ride on a upgrading life track, everyone will see you in good eye and you will gain reputation gradually. A huge reputation will make you a celebrity person!

     6.     Be ready for your upcoming opportunities

Never think about the missing opportunities of your past life. Just take lesson from your past. Be ready to catch your favorite opportunities of your upcoming life. You must be successful if you not fail to hold it.

     7.     Laugh more and more

One of my teacher said, “If you laugh more, if will live more”. Try to laugh with your friends, families or accompanies. If you laugh, your heart stimulates and becomes strong to pump blood across the body. Laughing more keeps your mind fresh, beautiful and just awesome.

      8.     Be active, remove laziness

Laziness is the enemy to become successful of one’s life. Never keep it if you want to finish your desired task. Always be motivated mind and be positive and honest in all of your work.

      9.     Cherish a loving hobby

Having a hobby will keep you refrain from negative works and it will also keep your body fit as a physical exercise. So, cherish a loving hobby, show it others and keep your body and mind fit and sound.   

      10.    Do not be timid and afraid

You have a plan, you want to fulfill it. But if you are a timid person, you will find a lot of hindrance to fulfill it. So, never be timid or afraid person.
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