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Free WiFi Hotspot Apps for Windows

WiFi hotspot apps are very necessary apps / softwares when we have to share data or internet connection from device to device. In this post, I am going to teach about some awesome free wifi software or apps.

1.    Connectify Software

It is a paid software but it is an awesome software for sharing internet data connection. This paid software can be bought from here .

2.    mHotspot

It is a free software and works well on all windows platform. You can make a hotspot name, password and number of clients. This app allows you to share internet up to with 10 clients. You will get this software here .

3.    MyPublicWifi

It is awesome wifi software. It is very easy to use, operate simply. If you make an open network, you will know who are there also. There is a url logging which helps you to see a list of websites those are used with hotspot session.
You will get this software here 

4.    Maryfi

It is a free software to use for hotspot. You can connect any wifi supported devices with this hotspot software. It has also a secure password protected system.

You can get this software here