30 Reasons Why I Love You ~ Ofuran

30 Reasons Why I Love You

25 Reasons Why I Love You
      1.     Same interests between you and me.
      2.     You understand me easily.
      3.     You believe me.
      4.     I know you and you know me.
      5.     You love me too.
      6.     You love my lifestyle and I also love your lifestyle too.
      7.     You never ignore me.
      8.     You help me. 
      9.     I love your voice.
     10.     You are my great listener.
     11.     Opposition between you and me is good.
     12.      You are intelligent.
     13.       You make me laugh.
     14.        People know you and me and our relation.
     15.       I feel very happy with you.
     16.      You give me honest and wonderful opinion.
     17.       You have ability to understand everything.
     18.        I love your hobby and passions. 
     19.      You are cute and beautiful.
     20.   You have much patience in hard time.
     21.    You love my parents and I also love your parents too.
     22.     You appreciate my works.
     23.     I feel happy to touch your hand
     24.  You protect me as guardians.
     25.   You sometimes surprise me.
     26.    You never hide anything to me.
     27.    You tell me all things easily.
     28.    You give me advice.
     29.     I think, you are better than me.
30.    You support my hard working.