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Paragraph Writing For Examination

A school magazine

A school magazine is a journal of a school. It is published annually or bi-annually. It contains stories, poems, jokes etc. These topics are selected by magazine chief editor. He gives more priority for creative writings. A school magazine plays an important role for students and teachers. It acts as a link between them.

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam means blockade of vehicles on the streets. It is one of our major problems. There are some reasons of traffic jam. Small vehicles like rickshaws are major reasons. Violating traffic rules and parking vehicles here and there are other reasons. Again narrow roads are also liable for traffic jam. For traffic jam we can’t become fast and punctual. Office going people, school going children and patients suffer much. There are no fixed ways to solve this problem. Government should take necessary steps like building flyover, building spacious roads etc. All people should be aware of and help to remove traffic jam.

A winter Morning

Winter is the coldest season of the year. A winter morning is misty and cold. There is fog everywhere. Even a little distance can hardly be seen. Everything looks hazy. Dew drops at night. Sometimes, cold waves blows. Children and poor people suffer much. The village people gather straw and make fire to warm them. People get up late in the morning. In the winter morning the people of Bangladesh enjoy different kind of “Pithas”. So a winter morning is pleasant for someone and unpleasant for the others.

A rainy Day

A rainy day is a day when it rains a lot and frequently. During this day, the sky remains cloudy. A flash of lightning and a noise of thunder are seen and heard. Sometimes heavy wind also blows. On this day, a day laborer can’t work. Officials can’t go to offices. But the school goers get a golden opportunity to enjoy leave. They pass the day by enjoying and playing indoor games like chess carom etc. But the poor can’t welcome the day. Because of they suffer a lot. In fact, the poor have to pass a miserable life during a rainy day.

A book fair

A book fair is a special kind of fair where different kinds of books are displayed and sold. It gives opportunity to buy books at a cheap rate. Recently, I have visited a book fair at “Bangla Academy Premises”. Actually, it is an annual function and Bangla Academy authorities arrange it. It is named as “Amor Ekushey Boi Mela”. When I entered the fair premises, I was pleasant at the calm and quiet environment. I bought some books of varied interests. I saw book lovers humming in the stall. I collected some valuable books without any hazard. The decoration of the fair premises pleased me very much. I hope it will uphold our culture to the world.

A tea stall

A tea stall is a very common sight in the towns and village markets. Tea is mainly served to the people. We find it in the roads sides, at the bus, launch and the railway stations. A few benches or chairs with tables are placed in front of a tea stall. The customers sit here for taking tea. While taking tea they gossip with each other on any kind of subject. It opens early in the morning and closes at mid night. It helps people to share their feelings.

A street hawker

A man who sells various things by moving street to street is called a street hawker. He is a self employed person. He lives in a slum. He is a familiar figure. He is seen almost everywhere, village or town. He carries his materials on head, in hand or in a small handcart. He earns his livelihood by selling goods. He buys goods at a cheap rate and sells goods at a high rate. Usually, he sells toys, cosmetics, ready-made garments, utensils, sweets, ribbons etc. He usually appears at noon. He speaks in different ways, wears colorful dress and sometimes plays fruits. Thus he passes days by selling goods. He gets up early in the morning and prepares his products for selling. Though he works hard, he leads a very miserable life. 

A school Library

A school library is a room containing books that can be read or borrowed. It is a part and parcel of a school. It is called the storehouse of knowledge. There is a library in our school. It is housed in the first floor in a very big room in the school. It is a very well furnished library. It has 50 almirahs specially built for arranging books. The books are also on shelves. They are organized according to categorized and alphabetical order. There is enough arrangement for us to sit and read books. The students must remain silent when they are in the library. Every student can borrow books from the library for a certain period and he has to return the books in time. There is a rich collection of books- language, literature, history, biography, autobiography, economics; politics are available in the library. I feel really proud of our school library.

The life of a farmer

The man who works in the form lands for growing agricultural products is called a farmer. Usually he lives in a village. He is a very important and useful person in the country. He grows and provides foods for all people. He is called the father of food production. But they are devaluated. He gets up very early in the morning, takes a pair of bullocks and go to land to plough. He works all day long in his land. Farmers lead a very miserable life. If he produces good crops, his face beams with joy, on the contrary, if he fails to grow crops his sorrows know no bounds. Most farmers in our country live under poverty level. They live from hand to mouth. Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. Her prosperity depends on the development of agriculture. That is why; we should give value of a farmer.   

Tree Plantation

Tree plantation means planting trees more and more. Trees are very important in our life. We get foods, flowers, fruits, fuel and timber from trees. Trees give us oxygen, make air fresh and improve the environment. They save us from natural calamities like drought, storms, floods etc. They increase the beauty of nature. They give us oxygen and take up carbon-dioxide and thus maintain ecological balance. In absence of trees, country will turn into a desert. So trees are a valuable asset in a country. Among the seasons, the rainy season is the best time for tree plantation. We can plant trees around our dwelling places and in open places. Moreover trees can be planted by the sides of roads, rivers, canals and playing fields. Awareness should be raised and campaign should be launched to motivate people for tree plantation. Thus we can make a successful tree plantation program.

A village doctor

A village doctor is a familiar figure to the villagers. His knowledge of medicine is very little. He usually takes training on medicine or works under a medical practitioner And starts his independent practice. A village doctor is a quack. In his dispensary, he gives advice and prescribes medicine for the patients. He has an assistant in his dispensary. He gives medicine to the patients according to the prescription. He has one or two almirah in his dispensary. He has not a large stock of medicines. He has only cheap and common medicines in his dispensary.  After finishing his duty in his dispensary, he goes out to see patients in the village with his medicine bag. He usually goes on foot or a bicycle to visit his patients. In a word, he is an important member of the village society.

A Bus Stand

A bus stand is a place where buses stops and starts from. Generally it stands outside of a town or city. It carries a great value for the passengers. It is a quite crowded place. In the maximum bus stands, there is a waiting room for the passengers. Passengers don’t have to wait for long time for the buses. Passengers gather at the bus stand to get into the bus when it comes. It is both visible that both passengers and coolies are equally busy at the bus stands. Some passengers wait for buses for a while and go into a tea stall for drinking a cup of tea. It is a temporary shelter for passengers. In some bus stands there are counters for booking tickets. Passengers stand in a line for buying tickets. Many kinds of things are found in a bus stand. However, it is important for long drive passengers.