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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus price features release date video full specifications

 Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus price features release date video full specifications

The most popular mobile phone brand company Samsung announces the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. It says the Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming on 21st April, 2017. There are two versions of this phone- one is 5.8 inch screen and the other is 6.2 inch screen named Samsung Galaxy S8+. Both are available in online shipping to any country and they will be opened in public marketplace on 21st April, 2017.

Design of Samsung Galaxy S8 phone

This phone has a stunning infinity and revolutionary designed display. Actually, it has a bigger display than any other small size phone.  As the phone is small, it is easy to hold the phone in one hand, in one grip. All important shortcuts are a swipe away as the screen is big. The boundary of the display has been removed in the phone. The display is very smooth, continuous surface with no angles and consisted with uninterrupted glass. So, the design is very beautiful, perfect and symmetrical.

The phone has 12MP rear camera and 8 MP front cameras which are so accurate and fast. Most camera works best in daylight but yours camera will work best 24/7 hours. It has also smart auto focus which recognizes faces easily. You can focus on some specific things with cameras. The rear camera has amazing flush for a visually tranquil profile in these phones. The phone has amazing system to unlock the phone that is iris scanning, because iris pattern is unique for a person. One can use his irises to unlock the phone or the contents of the phone. It has also face recognition, fingerprint, pattern, and password and pin privacy system.  

You will find several colors of these phones. Black, gray, blue, gold and silver color is available for these phones. You will able to do multitask for its bigger screen. You can resize the window size very easily. The phone has seamless navigation and external memory card can be expandable up to 256GB. You will also get advantages of wireless charging just putting the phone on the charger.

Use “Bixby” artificial intelligence to talk, see, recommend or remind you something with these phones. Live stream your everyday moments in 360 degree with your amazing phone. Really, it will take you to another world.       
The phone is very first, even in the rain. It has 10nm processor, first and powerful battery performance. It can work through rain or dust with high performance. Samsung has added artificial intelligence in it named “Bixby”. Anyone can interact with this artificial intelligence. It acts as a personal assistant who will help you to understand talk, text and tabs for communications. Just open the camera and Bixby will help you in everything.

Actually, these phones are more than smart phones.  These phones are designed to realize virtual reality and to view life in 360 degree amazingly. Use these phones and break the barrier of your life and your world. It has smart switches which give you advantages to transfer memories to your old phones. You can connect your phone with monitor, keyboard and turn your phone into a computer.  The battery power is 5100mAh and you will get a battery pack to boost your phone charge.

Price in US $720.