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Eid Mubarak Cards and HD pictures Collections

Eid Mubarak to all of my well wishers and friends. Hope you are enjoying well these holidays. Today I am going to write an article on Eid day and to post some awesome Eid cards and HD pictures about Eid day.

Eid ul Fitr is one of the major festival of Muslims. It is celebrated after the end of holy Arabic month Ramadan. It is the first day of Arabic month Shawwal. In this day fasting is prohibited. People have to say two rakats wajib salat on this day. People of all walks say their prayer together on this day.

In this year, the Eid day is in the rainy season but I think it is good environment for celebrating the  Eid Day. Eid is not only a festival for Muslims but also it is a common representation of unity of them. All Muslims pay zaat and fitra among the poor people before going to say Eid prayer . The prayer is offered  in an open field or in a mosque or in a big hall.

All Muslims believe that The Holy Quran is offered on Ramadan for mankind from Almighty Allah. So they try to gain His love by fasting and offering salat on Ramadan.
We have collected some awesome Eid Cards and HD pictures for you. Enjoy and collect  these and pass the Eid holidays well.